Water has always provided the basis for human existence. Once human survival depended on access to water, but with the development of civilization, human attitude to water was changed. Man started to treat water as common welfare acknowledging its resources as unlimited. This way of thinking led to degradation of water providing the reserve of drinking water for future generations.
   These alarming changes were the impulse for taking due legal steps aiming at protecting water resources. The European Union issued a series of acts called ‘water directives’, however, it recognized the necessity to implement consistent framework regulating legal acts concerning water management. The example of such an integrated legal act is Directive 2000/60/EC called Water Framework Directive (WFD) which came into force in December 2000. The basic objective of WFD is to provide present and future generations access to good quality water and to enable to use it for the needs of, among others, industry and agriculture, while maintaining and protecting natural environment at the same time.
This website is dedicated to the subject of the Water Framework Directive especially in the context of the implementation of its regulations to Polish legislation – prepared documents, legal acts and public consultations.

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